Late is the hour that we present the fourth compendium. Better late than never. Here are my picks from the latest dungeon synth projects of the last two weeks.

Pendragon – “Uther”
This debut is quite inspirational. Catchy leads and melodies with great use of percussion as well as a production that reminds me of Daudi Baldrs. Give it a spin.

Reign of Dark – “The Long Prophecy”
Double tracked release from Reign of Dark has hypnotic chords and synths that’ll remind you of a 70’s horror. Not easy listening despite the innocent cover art but worth a look for any ultra dark ambient fantasy fans.

Nan Morlith – “Land of Bow and Helm”
After Ahun, Nan Morlith is preparing a second album. Still focussing on the land of Middle Earth and the untouched places and stories, the mind behind the project presents a teaser, making great use of percussion and brass, with an infectious melody.

Deathbard – “Meditational Compositions”
Deathbard keeps banging out releases. This one certainly brings a meditational element to the genre, percussive and repetitive, like an apothecary preparing a potion if you ask me.

Waeltaga – “Autumnal Echoes”
Finnish project brings a natural nordic touch to the genre that has been missing for a while. The project focusses on nature and makes a great audio conversion of the Autumn time with a link to the past.


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