Raevult! – Rævjäger

If you know enough about dungeon synth, you know that for the most part the music is an off shot of black metal and classical music. That lineage creates a very specific sound, a sound that has drawn myself and many others to the genre of dungeon synth. We found the genre through our love of black metal or classical music or maybe through video game soundtracks, but what if dungeon synth could be created with an entirely different background? If you’ve read enough of Resounding Footsteps, you know that I love finding music that doesn’t fit within well-established boundaries (categorization is of course something entirely different). It should be no surprise to anyone that when searching for unique and amazing dungeon synth I found my way to Rævjäger. Rævjäger is one of the most innovative and fun musical projects currently circulating the dungeon. What makes Rævjäger so unique though? What makes it special? Well if you were paying attention two minutes ago, you’d have guessed it. Rævjäger, while having something black metal influence, comes more from power metal than anything. The music of Rævjäger has a lighter, more adventurous feeling than the dour, serious, and epic qualities of most dungeon synth (not that there is anything wrong with that of course). Raevult! is the latest masterpiece from this Russian outfit and after listening to this album nonstop for days, I can say that it’s the best he’s come up with.

The music of Raevult! is entirely different from nearly everything you’re going to find in the dungeon synth world. It’s incredibly complex and meaningful yet the music doesn’t take itself so fucking serious, one of the major issues facing the genre and community right now (and that’s an entirely different article). Raevult! was fun to listen to the first time around, I know what Rævjäger is capable of and he blew me out of the water with the album. The sounds are exciting and vibrant, the energy is vigorous and kinetic. This is the music of an adventurer, a man with nothing to lose, everything to gain, and a world to see. Raevult! truly sets itself apart from the rest of the dungeon synth world by not focusing on the dark and shadowy but rather the fascinating and obscure. Rævjäger’s music has never been dark, it’s always had a lighter touch and feel but the latest album takes it to a new level.

The music and atmosphere of Raevult is epic, with heavy doses of Final Fantasy and crusader nostalgia. Simultaneously, Raevult! is gentle and melodic and fiery and impulsive. There’s no clear structure to the narrative, not that I’ve seen yet, but there are clear themes and motifs that play magnificently with each other. As I said earlier, Rævjäger doesn’t take himself too seriously and the jovial sense in the music is evidence of that. Even though he doesn’t take himself utterly serious, he still cares about the music and crafts it with utter devotion and style. Each note on Raevult! is perfect. The sound and production is exactly what it needs to be to convey the feeling that the music is going for. We need more music like this in dungeon synth and in the music world in general. Take the music seriously but make sure to enjoy it and create something that you are proud of. My favorite tracksuited squatting Slav has found the sacred formula to creating music that creates a hundred images in the listener’s mind. This is the kind of music I want to hear on a daily basis. Everyone should listen to Raevult! and take notes. This is what you are capable of if you try your hardest to create the sound that exists in your heart. Don’t create something just to create it, it will wither and die. Create what you feel, whether that be light hearted and adventurous, Conan worshipping, or dark and damp, as long as you devote yourself to creating what you feel inside you can create masterpieces.

Highlights: The Crusade, Raevult!, The Bard, the Jester, and the Knight
If you enjoyed this try: Verminaard, Argonath, Nahadoth


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Rævjäger’s Facebook Page | Rævjäger’s VK Page | Raevult! on Bandcamp


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