Week five. We have plenty of new stuff on the radar with regards to Dungeon Synth to reccomend to you.

Raev Jager – “Raevult”
Raev Jager is back with possibly his best album to date. The fairy king takes on a new tale within the Raev Jager universe, keeping with his signature epic fantasy driven sound and polished production. We recently did a review of this album, you can find it here.

Secluded Alchemist – “Ruminations of a Hermit”
Debut from Secluded Alchemist is melancholic and raw with it’s mind set on the capturing of an atmosphere found in DS artists such as Blood Tower, Sequested Keep and the like. A worthy debut that brings promise of what is to come.

Snarling Clearing – “Strom”
Snarling Clearing has released two pieces in the last month, “Strom” is a medieval themed album with twisted melody and 80’s synth with a nice use of percussion and chords. “Bastard’s Prison” is also available on their bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

Urghun – “Somnus Reliquit”
Experimental use of soundscapes and heavy synths and metal influence, Urghun releases an outstretched piece of medieval themed dark ambient pieces with a mix of synth types from both a retro and modern era as well as soundscapes and even guitars (I believe), almost sounding like a castle siege in a musical sense.

Forgotten Kingdoms – “Crowned in Forlorn Darkness”
Nostalgic in presentation and sound, Forgotten Kingdoms latest 2 track demo shows the Australian’s producer love for 90’s blackened dungeon synth and a pad heavy production and spoken word samples. A chilling atmosphere to say the least.

Isegrimm – “Über Den Sieben Bergen”
Isegrimm’s release will have you sold on the first two minutes. An incredible ear for melody and great use of percussion and the progression within songs makes for interesting composition, as well as the artist’s unique concept take, on the story of Snow White. This release gives great promise and potential and one of my favourites of the year so far.


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