Über Den Sieben Bergen – Isegrimm

Isegrimm is a dungeon synth project that recently made it’s way onto the radar. A young musician who hails from Germany, the mind behind Isegrimm released his first piece under the project last week with the debut “Über Den Sieben Bergen”, a five track album focussing on the story of Snow White. Right off the bat, the release shows major promise for what is to come with this project, and I took the liberty of devling into the musical aspects put together by Isegrimm.

We start with “Drei Tropfen Blut”, an initially percussive track with brass which takes you into a much more melodic harp and string section. Right after this we are taken to a heroic brass section and back into a more epic string section, reintroducing the percussion and layers of chords and very nicely planned out transitions. What makes this release great is it’s ability to recognise when to use transitions and layering. The melodies are on thing, the song structure and writing are another, all without being too drawn out or repetitve, you are taken to another great melody or wall of chords before you get bored.

The second track, “Des Jägers Auftrag”, is much more melodic and minimal, using a harp and flute for the intro, before bringing in the strings and timpani hits. I can imagine myself strolling through a fantastical forest listening to this, it grabs the atmosphere we all know from our favourite RPG games and puts them through imagination, through the medium of the artists favourite fairytales.

The title track “Über Den Sieben Bergen” is perhaps the best track on the album. I get a massive Elder Scrolls vibe off of it. The transition from an almost tavern setting to an epic adventurous one is amazing. Yet again the strings used towards the end fill out so much. Isegrimm certainly has an ear for the best melodies and chords, this is not a basic nor standard dungeon synth album.

Although I found the second last track a bit repetitive and simpler (this is probably due to it following the other tracks which are much more concentrated with), it is followed by “Die Junge Königin”, a great ending to a great debut. It takes the best of what we had heard on the album, the great use of harp scales, strings and their chord layering and wind instruments that provide a nice middle melody.


The production is nice and warm, the reverb isn’t as heavy as most new artists fall into a trap of hiding everything in delay and effects. It is dry with hints of reverb, used as an effect rather than a mask. The synths used while are your traditional basic synths, they are not the same VST type synths everyoneis using now a days. The runtime is also quite short and sweet, each song being nice and warpped up, nothing is stretched out for filler, which is how it should be for a debut release.

The theme is unqiue, Isegrimm makes music around stories of the Grimm brothers and fairytales, while naming his music in his native language. The ideas behind the project are certainly unique. The concept of the story of Snow White certainly has not been done as much in the genre and this release holds up.

As a debut, “Über Den Sieben Bergen” is a short and sweet yet catchy and replayable unique piece with it’s own concept. Isegrimm shows much promise and has already attracted the attention of many artists within the scene and is in talks with renowned label Hollow Myths. The future certainly is looking good for this project.

Verdict: A melodic and layered piece that does not overstay it’s welcome and has it’s own unique concept. As a debut it is the strongest I have reviewed. Excited as to what will come next and how Isegrimm will top his debut. I rate it 88%.
Highlights: “Über Den Sieben Bergen”, “Die Junge Königin”
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