Resounding Footsteps’ 18 picks of the year so far

The year 2017. It’s been packed with brilliant releases and we are only halfway through. Of course we do our annual best of the year lists and Black Sheep awards, but we though you might like to hear our Top 6 in black metal, dungeon synth and more.

Below are Thelema Veritas’ and CIP Morgoth’s picks of the year so far, respectively. In other words, go check these releases out!


thelemaveratis pickspicks of jan-june cipmorgoth 2017

Artists featured:
Rævjäger, Catacombs Enshadowed, Erang, ElixiR, Garadrak, Voormithadreth, Draugûl, Dodsvanger, Délétère, Nargaroth, Crimson Throne, Laochra, XERXES THE DARK, Valanx, Peter Bjärgö, Paleowolf, Ruairi O’Baoighill – Ritual Ambient, Sun Through Eyelids, Chaucerian Myth, Effluvium & Blood Tower, Isegrimm, Ledrfadir, Elric, The Embers Of Tara, Goatmoon, Demeter, Croc Noir, Horrenda, Scáth Na Déithe, The Crawling, Ulver, Soothsayer, Ilenkus

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