Really good metal can be hard to find. We have so many “options” that the good stuff, the gold, is lost is a miasmic sea of mediocre and subpar. This isn’t news. This is, honestly, how music has been since the beginning. When someone heard a tune, they tried to recreated it and did so without caring about the craft, only the adulation. Since we all know this, it’s important to recognize the good music. Not all the good music we find will be great, not all of it will be revolutionary and groundbreaking, sometimes the music will just be solid, heavy, and passionate. The more good music we find, the more great music we will come across as a result. Take Nil Miserans for example. They are a Belgian group formed in 2014 with a single record under their belts thus far, the 2016 self-titled effort. What you will find in this half hour of blackened death metal isn’t something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. But, but, that doesn’t mean Nil Miserans isn’t a good band, a band that deserves some attention and applause for their efforts.

Nil Miserans is only about twenty-nine minutes long, making it not quite short, just long enough to showcase what the band is really capable of. They are a solid group, each member of the band, vocals to drums, are solid with no real weak spots. They aren’t great musicians who can wow us with their musical prowess but they are good. They aren’t as exciting as other members of their genre but they are solid, they aren’t going to let you down. They aren’t flashy and bombastic, Nil Miserans is a workhorse, the sound is dependable, heavy and melodic. They take a lot of cues from the bands that have gone before them, you can hear bits of Naglfar, bits of Dissection, bits of Akercocke, and so forth. The good thing, though, is that all of it mixed together sounds unique. Not innovative maybe but unique. Nil Miserans isn’t a copycat band that is too afraid to stand out from the shadows of their influences.

As I listened to the album, I was impressed by the production. This album has all the earmarks of a professionally created album from a major label like Earache (who should be paying attention to these guys) but they aren’t. Nil Miserans is an unsigned band. When you listen to the album, I think you’ll have the same reaction I did. That alone is impressive.


I enjoyed the subject matter as well. Lots of metal covers either Nordic mythology or Satanic philosophy. Nil Miserans, at least on their first album are all about Greek mythology. I’m surprised that there aren’t more bands that dip into the epic amount of Greek mythology we have available to us. Literature is littered with it, as is television and film. Music, though, is sparse comparatively. It makes the finding of a good Greek mythological tale all the sweeter. Nil Miserans focus on the underworld in their debut album, drawing on half a dozen myths to create a painting of their own interpretation of Hades.

Nil Miserans may not win many popularity contests against their more well-known counterparts but that should not keep us listeners away. Nil Miserans play a heavy, consistent style. They play a rock solid, fundamental blackened death metal. When you can play the fundamentals as well as they can, the word of mouth will spread and soon they’ll be just as big. Mark my words.
Highlights: The Crossing, Hall of Judgement, … Of Love and Death
For Fans Of: Epping Forest, Void Omnia, Naglfar


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Nil Miserans’ Facebook Page | Nil Miserans’ YouTube Channel | Nil Miserans available through Bandcamp

  1. …of Love and Death
  2. The Crossing
  3. Styx
  4. Facing the shores of Hades
  5. Hall of judgment
  6. The escape
  7. The curse of the Erinyes
  8. Arise, Lord of the lifeless

Nil Miserans was released independently through Bandcamp on August 9th, 2016


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