Treasures of Bandcamp… New finds from the dark dungeons…

Part of our work is going through pages of independent bandcamp releases, finding what’s good or worth reviewing. We often come across many great releases from new artists (new to us), below are this fortnights picks…

Ritual by Alba (Neo folk/Darkwave)

Released in June, Alba, an Italian project, uses minimal recording to get a raw, reverberating feel with neo folk melodies. The special part is the sounds used, similar to arcade games which create a more unique feel and darken the spirit of the release further.

Liminal by Outis (Black metal)

A prelude demo before leading up to the debut album, “Liminal” by Outis contains harsh black metal tracks about the supernatural, as well as ambient pieces to tie together  a total atmosphere of chaos and melancholy with an ebb and flow. The three piece project features members from Horrenda, Argonath and XeroPulse, this is one to watch out for.

Awakening by Oblivion (Neo classical dark ambient)

A lengthy release from UK based dungeon ambient project Oblivion. The runtime may be long but each track has it’s own identity and feel. A calm release to cool your thoughts

The Horns of Euthyphro by Rasha’im (Black metal)

Traditional black metal at it’s best, this release has elements of mid-90’s Darkthrone. A three piece with great riffs and melody without sounding too harsh this release is nothing short of excellent. The artwork is also astounding.

WLFGRL by Machine Girl (Jungle, Hard electronic)

This is definitely a different kind of release to be featured on Resounding Footsteps, although we cover dark music, this is certainly dark and heavy. A good find, I came across this piece after seeing the artwork online and was intrigued. It focuses on old 80’s horror and has disjointed electronic drums and bass lines. If you like the odd and dangerous, lookno further.

A Swing of Sickle to Summers Dawn by Witches Moon (Symphonic Black metal)

A chatoic yet organised piece, it takes DIY black metal and epic symphonic dungeon synth together to create an epic release of adventure and high atmosphere. Worth the time and money if you are a Summoning fan. Except a full in depth review soon.


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