Demo 16 – Blood Eagle

I can be fickle sometimes. Sometimes it takes several listens of several albums to get me enthused by a band, other times it only takes a single listen of a demo to get me excited. In the same of the heavy metal band Blood Eagle, all it took for me to fall in love was a ten-minute, untitled demo.

With a sound that reminded me of Venom and vocals that reminded me of Bathory, Blood Eagle is off to a fast start. The music is raw (it is a demo after all) but the riffs are nice and crunchy and the melody is engaging and lively. The atmosphere is cavernous but doesn’t affect the overall feel of the demo. Remembering this is a heavy metal album, I listened again and again to the riffs and how they were stitched together. In heavy metal (and not as much in black metal or death metal) the way the riffs and melodies are put together is important. They should flow, they should meld together. Too often I’ve heard bands that have great riffs but have no idea how to put them together so they sound cohesive and engaging.

Half the battle in creating a demo like this is to show exactly how you can wrap all your ideas together. Blood Eagle is fun, they aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel but if you have the fundamentals down and you can engage your listener, you don’t need to. Blood Eagle has some ways to go yet, but they have talent and they have fun. With a demo as solid and entertaining as this one, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they get picked up and gives the full-length album we need.
Highlight: Stoneheart
For Fans Of: Early Venom, Bathory, Arcturus


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Blood Eagle’s Bandcamp Page

  1. Stoneheart
  2. Syrinx
  3. Blood Eagle

Demo 16 was released independently through Bandcamp on July 21st, 2016


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