Guest Post Guidelines

Have you ever listened to an album and immediately felt the urge to say or write something about it? Have you wanted to delve into the weeds and analyze your favorite band’s latest album? Do you feel like jumping into the realm of obscure, odd, and downright weird music? We at Resounding Footsteps would like to extend to you the invitation to write with us!

  1. The album in question cannot have been reviewed/analyzed here at Resounding Footsteps already. With all the terrific albums out there, it would be a shame to do one twice.
  2. The album in question cannot have been published on another site. Be original. Show us, and our readers, your own blend of creativity and insight.
  3. There aren’t any hard word count goals but works with at least 500 words will get more consideration. My reviews can top 2,000 words and you are welcome to try and reach that goal but don’t stretch the review too far. 500 great words are better than 2,000 okay ones.
  4. Write in decent English. I know editing is a pain, I do it a lot, but the more well written your review is, the more apt I will be to take a look at it. If you need help, I’m more that willing to help but I won’t put in more work than you.
  5. No politics. This one should be a no-brainer. Your personal politics are your personal politics, if you want to fight for LGBT rights or support Le Pen, that’s awesome but don’t do it in your review. There are some cases (Graveland, M8l8th) where politics will be unavoidable but be sure you’re referring to their political beliefs as it relates to the music.
  6. At the moment, we can’t pay for guest reviews. We can’t even pay ourselves yet. In the future we hope this will change and we’ll be able to pay those that want to contribute to the site but until then it’s just something you can add to your CV. Also, since we don’t pay anything yet, we won’t be sticklers about copy write. Allow us to have the review on our site for 24 to 48 hours then you can post it wherever and whenever you’d like.

Send your prospective works to and join us in the art of online obscurity!


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