Policy Update v2

With 2016 coming to a merciful close, I took the time to look at what Resounding Footsteps has achieved, what it has yet to achieve, and what I want it to achieve in the future. Throughout the last six months I’ve learned a lot about how to format and market my reviews and help the bands that I’m trying to promote. I’ve learned I’ve done a few things wrong, a few things right, and a lot of things that could have been much easier on me.

What’s going to be different come 2017?

A few labels have approached me and we have been able to work out a deal in which I listened to their music and gave them reviews. It was great, I’ve made a lot of connections and friendships too maybe from it. However, there are things I think I could do better to help labels and the artists out from here on.

  • If you run a label and would like to strike a deal with me that’s great as long as you know the kinds of music that I promote here. If you send me music that I’m not a huge fan of or know nothing about how can I judge it fairly? I don’t like thrash, that’s been a consistent thing for me. Labels ought to know that and should know not send me thrash because I’m not going to be able to judge it fairly because of my predisposition against it.
  • While I love getting CDs, cassettes, and even vinyls in the mail every month I realize that this can be tough on the label, especially if they are sending me material from half the world away. Therefore, I would love to start receiving digital music. It’s much easier send to me and I will have easier access to it in my day to day life. If you really want to send me cassettes or CDs or vinyls then I won’t stop you, as I said I love them but I want the labels to do what is best for the labels.
  • If the band/artist want me to look at something they wrote then great, I will take a look at it, assuming it meets the standards of genre I’ve already stated. Read my reviews, read what I say about them and the genres I listen to. If your music is not one of those I can’t help you and you will be wasting not only yours but my time as well.
  • Not everything I am recommended or requested will get a review on Resounding Footsteps. I am going to reserve the blog of the best of the best, the albums that really need to be out there. If you send me something that’s good but not great, then I promise to review them on Metal Archives if it’s metal or bandcamp or wherever I find your music. I might not think a certain album is the greatest in the genre but I still think that my time is worth a few hundred words for you.
  • I am aiming at around 400 solid reviews for 2017. Each of these reviews will likely be in the 800 – 1100 word range with a review that is akin to a theoretical analysis of the work and the themes therein. I went to school for Lit Theory, if you don’t want your album being subjected to psychoanalytical or Marxist theory review then don’t waste my time. I love music and I want to find themes and meaning and wisdom in it. If you think you have that, give it to me.
  • Don’t give me a link to a single you wrote on soundcloud. I will categorically ignore that. I can’t get a feel for the music or for the artist with just one song. Give me a two song demo or EP on bandcamp or hell even on YouTube and I can run with that, with two songs I can start to formulate a picture what you are. If you have an album coming out and you have a single to help promote it that’s different, I can help you there by spreading the news.
  • My focus on Resounding Footsteps is black metal, dark ambient, and dungeon synth. I will accept offshoots of those but only as long as they don’t fall too far from the mark or you and I have worked together a lot in the past.

With these changes I think Resounding Footsteps will prosper and I think that I will be able to do more good for the music and the artists. If you have some music you want me to listen to and you have questions, feel free to contact me. I may be cantankerous and blunt but I will allows try to help steer you in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Policy Update v2

  1. Hello, this is Rick Leith from the Washington, D.C. heavy rock group One Slack Mind. We LOVE the site, and were wondering if you would consider reviewing our new album “Both Sides Against the Middle”, released July 21, 2017 by Massive Aggressive Marketing.

    I’d like to submit our one sheet which contains additional information about the band. If interested, please reply to this request and we’ll send you a promo copy of the new album for review as well. Cantankerous works for us- Thanks in advance!!


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