Resounding Footsteps Allies

No man is an island and no site exists in a vacuum. We at Resounding Footsteps could not do what we do without the support of our fearless readers, musicians, and fans. But in particular we owe a debt of gratitude to several websites that have offered us advice and support along the way.

This is Darkness – a site dedicated to news and reviews of the best dark ambient has to offer, from Cryo Chamber masterpieces to the industrial mechanization of Malignant Records. Michael Barnett has been a mentor to me since I began my journey into the darkness.

Head-Banger Reviews – you will not be able to find a more diverse collection of headbanging metal anywhere else. Vinter Dee knows his metal and he knows what you like too.

Nine Circles – not only will you find some devastatingly good reviews from the best metal musicians out there, you’ll also receive reviews on beer! What more could you want? A podcast? Well you’re in luck because they have that too!

Noise Beneath the Snow – want an expert opinion on metal and ambient? Noise Beneath the Snow has you covered. Neofolk and EDM? Check! Noise Beneath the Snow really does look at everything on the fringe.

As Resounding Footsteps grows, so will our list of allies. What we may not cover, you can bet these guys will. Want a different take on an album? Check them out for a second opinion. In the world of underground music reviews, there is no competition, we are all moving toward the same goal: amazing music.


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